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Category B for English speakers – we invite you to study externally!
You can study for Category B in our driving school in English from the age of 17. At this age, you can complete the entire practical training course, and at the age of 18, you can go to Regitra to take the practical driving exam.
You can enroll in Category B courses in English in Šiauliai or Radviliškis before taking the theoretical exam at Regitra. The driving training material in English installed on the computers of our driving school will help you prepare for the theoretical exam at Regitra.
After passing the theory driving exam at Regitra (which you can take from the age of 17), you will start practical driving lessons in English at our driving school. You will need to complete 15 mandatory practical lessons. During the last lesson, there will be a practical exam during which video and audio recording will be conducted. If you do not pass the exam, it will be repeated until you succeed.
You can book your desired driving lessons at any time of the day by finding your assigned driving instructor in the Timespex app. By studying at JAGO, you can easily combine work, study, or leisure with practical lessons!

Documents required for registration for Category B courses:
• Personal document
• Driver’s medical certificate
• Certificate of passing the theoretical exam issued by Regitra (you can come for registration without this certificate if you want to study theory at our school).

Contact us by phone (+370) 606 11704 or via Viber, as well as by email radviliskis@vairuoti.lt
Course Price
Category B external 509 €

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